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               'RIPPED OFF'

If you are like me then you are somewhat skeptical about car mechanics and my industry...'Home Renovations'. Here is how to protect yourself!

Protect Your Money

1. Don’t pay a deposit. Hold payment until the job is done and you are satisfied with the work.
2. Make sure your quote is ‘itemized’ so that you can compare ‘apples to apples’ with other quotes.
3. Experience is critical to getting professional results. It doesn’t matter how old the company is, it matters how much experience the installer has. Demand and confirm the installer’s experience.
4. Beware of “lifetime guarantees” from young companies who haven’t been around long enough to know if their work and material is good enough to last that long.

Protect Your Rights
In writing if possible, against some of these practices:

5. Add-on costs after the job has started. Contingencies should be identified upfront. The quote is all you should pay.
6. Substituting cheap sealants and materials to save costs. Accept only the sample specs you approved.
7. Calling the day of the job to reschedule or leaving to go to another jobsite part way through yours. If this matters to you, negotiate upfront, penalties for these inconveniences.
8. Installation by salaried employees (who just want to get it done to get their paycheck). In advance, get in writing the name and years of experience of the installer you want.
So, who can you trust in the GTA area?
Without a referral from an acquaintance, how are you to know?

I hope you will give me a call and ask me those tough questions. I am not a commissioned salesperson so,
I won’t sell you, I will simply explain your options.

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